Real Money Talk Vol 3:

Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles in Business


Real Money Talk V3

Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles in Business

Real Money Talk Vol 3 is a must-read for anyone facing financial challenges. Tesha D. Colston's chapter, "Still Worthy," resonates with readers for her journey through financial highs and lows and her ultimate realization of self-worth is a powerful reminder that we are more than our financial status.  

Tesha D. Colston

4x #1 best selling amazon author




Are You Ready to Break Through Your Business Barriers?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

Those who dream of starting their own business but are unsure where to begin and need inspiration and practical advice.

Women in Business:

Individuals experiencing significant life changes, such as divorce or career shifts, who need motivation and practical advice to navigate their new circumstances.

Financially Struggling Individuals:

Anyone facing financial difficulties, such as debt, poor credit scores, or job loss, who need guidance and encouragement to rebuild their financial stability.

Anyone Seeking Empowerment:

Individuals looking to be inspired by stories of resilience, determination, and success, and who want to apply these lessons to their own lives.

Real Money Talk Vol 3:

Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles in Business

Map Your Own Financial Future

Financial Mastery Series

This Financial Mastery Series will help you gain control of your credit, conquer debt, and cultivate wealth mindset. Join us for a transformative journey designed to empower you, the Smart Money Sister, to take decisive action towards a prosperous financial future.


Here's What We'll Cover:

1. Credit Empowerment: Quick Steps to Boost Your Score and Take Charge

2. Map Your Way Out of Debt: Dig into effective debt management with a focus on maintaining a positive mindset, understanding your financial reality, and reducing stress related to debt.

Prosperity Pathways: Step into the lucrative world of real estate, entrepreneurship, and investment.

You'll learn:


How to review, dispute, and enhance your credit score quickly and effectively, setting the stage for financial opportunities.


How to choose the best path to become debt-free, tailored to your unique situation.


How to identify and capitalize on opportunities to increase your income, build lasting wealth, and secure your financial legacy.


About Tesha D. Colston

Tesha D. Colston is a financial educator who helps women who struggle financially, to partner with God and walk in His truth concerning financial wealth. She fosters wealth-building mindsets and encourages strategies to promote generational wealth. 

Tesha is a four-time Amazon Best-Selling author of four anthologies: Women Inspiring Nations, Volume 3: I’m Still Standing, Bruised, but Not Broken, Volume 4 , You Are Enough, and now Real Money Talk Volume 3:  Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles in Business.  She is also the author of several motivational journals that inspire Black women, girls, and boys to help build their self-esteem and has helped countless others become self-published authors.

Tesha has been a keynote speaker of the YOU ARE ENOUGH Conference with Dr. Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood. She has also been featured in various media outlets such as CBS Channel 2, CBS WBOC, FOX 28, FOX 34, FOX 43, the Digital Journal, and the Star Tribune. 

Evangelist and author Tesha D. Colston, with 15 years in Christian Ministry, she leverages her corporate training background and her coaching skills to simplify complex concepts. She passionately guides women towards faith and financial stability.

"I am thrilled to have written this chapter and to share it with readers. Through its true life stories, I hope to empower individuals to achieve their full potential and create a fulfilling life they truly desire.“

Tesha D. Colston

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"Evangelist Colston has been a blessing in my life, she has a  gift to push and to encourage you.  I'm so grateful because of the gift that the Lord has given her to encourage me, praise the LORD."

Valerie Stephenson

Teacher, Greater Light Church & Ministries

Tesha is a Proverbs 31 woman! She shares similar endeavors in her own personal life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Believe me when I say experience is a teacher, she has experienced a lot.

Joi Richardson