Making GOD Your CFO 

 July 2, 2023

Hey there, Sister Friends! 

Every aspect of life involves decisions that can benefit from guidance, wisdom, and discernment. We often seek advice from mentors, consultants, and financial advisors, but there's a higher power whose counsel can be pivotal in managing our finances—God. Invoking faith into financial planning, and more specifically, making God your Chief Financial Officer (CFO), can lead to a sense of peace, fulfillment, and prosperity.

The Benefits of Making God Your CFO

1. Ethical Decision Making

Having God as your CFO provides a robust moral framework for your financial decisions. Religious teachings emphasize virtues like honesty, integrity, fairness, and generosity. These principles will guide your financial conduct, leading to ethical, socially responsible decisions that benefit not just you, but your community and the world at large.

2. Reduced Anxiety

Financial matters can be a significant source of stress. However, incorporating faith into your financial planning can bring peace of mind. The concept of divine providence, that God will provide for your needs, reduces anxiety around finances. This doesn't mean inaction, but trusting that your efforts, coupled with God's guidance, will lead to financial stability.

3. Compassionate Giving

With God as your CFO, you are encouraged to approach wealth as not merely a personal asset but a tool for change and improvement in the lives of others. Generosity is an inherent part of most faiths, fostering a culture of giving that benefits the less fortunate.

4. Long-term Focus

The spiritual perspective encourages a long-term view of financial planning. It's not about short-term gains or get-rich-quick schemes, but about building a sustainable financial future that aligns with your values. This approach reduces the risk of poor financial decisions driven by instant gratification.

How to Make God Your CFO

1. Understand the Principles

The first step is understanding your faith's teachings about money, wealth, and stewardship. Read religious texts, listen to sermons, attend study groups, and engage in personal reflection to understand these principles.

2. Prayer and Meditation

Consistent prayer or meditation can keep you grounded in these principles and help discern God's guidance in your financial decisions. You can ask for wisdom, clarity, and peace as you navigate your financial journey.

3. Act with Integrity

Ensure your financial decisions align with the ethical teachings of your faith. Avoid unethical practices like cheating, lying, or exploiting others. When in doubt, choose the path of honesty and fairness.

4. Be Generous

Allocate a portion of your wealth for charity. This act not only fulfills religious mandates about giving but also cultivates a generous spirit. You'll find joy and fulfillment in contributing to the welfare of others.

5. Seek Wise Counsel

While God serves as your ultimate CFO, it's also wise to seek human counsel. Find a financial advisor who respects your faith-based approach. They can provide practical advice, guided by your spiritual convictions.

Making God your CFO is about more than just financial success; it's about aligning your financial journey with your deepest beliefs and values. It provides a fulfilling and enriching approach to financial management, bringing peace, contentment, and lasting prosperity.

By the way, I've created a special resource just for you: the "21 Days of Biblical Financial Declarations Journal." This journal is designed to guide you through three weeks of aligning your financial journey with God's promises. It will help you reflect, meditate on Scripture, and experience the transformative power of biblical financial declarations. 

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In the meantime, I invite you to download the "21 Days of Biblical Financial Declarations Journal" and start speaking life into your finances through the power of God's Word. Watch as His promises come alive in your financial journey. 

Let's trust in God's provision, declare His promises, and embrace the abundant life He has in store for us. 

Be Blessed, Be Fruitful and Multiply,  

Sister Tesha 

P.S. Download your free copy of the "21 Days of Biblical Financial Declarations Journal" today and embark on a faith-filled journey towards financial abundance. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming book, "No More Residue Girl: See the New You," coming next month! 

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