God Money and Me

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Do you ever feel like you’ll never break free from the control of money? Have you been thinking about creating a budget, but you never seem to get around to do it? Or maybe, you created a spending plan, but you find that you are sporadically sticking to the plan.

God, Money & Me will guide you through how to partner with the Holy Spirit to transform your financial mind and create habits that lead you to financial success.


In this book, you are going to:

  • Discover the secret to being a good steward of money.
  • Learn how to identify and dismantle negative thoughts that hinder your financial growth.
  • Find the help you need to grow your relationship with God.
  • Learn what is on God’s heart concerning your finances.

Finally, a book that will help you understand why you spend the way you do. It shows you how to renew your financial mind so that your thoughts produce the actions that lead you to the achieve your financial goals.

Tesha D. Colston is passionate about helping women partner with God to achieve financial success. She believes that God has the ultimate blueprint for the abundant life you were born to live. If you follow Him you will have good success.


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